Pastor’s Appreciation Month

Pastor Appreciation Month – October
Pastor Appreciation Sunday – Sunday, October 11th

Wesley United Methodist is blessed to have three exceptional pastors.

          Sara Isbell, Senior Pastor
          Justin Iverson, Associate Pastor
          Sally Hamon, Pastor of Visitation

Our pastors give their ALL every day to lead, guide, comfort, inspire, and challenge us throughout our discipleship journey.  This year…2020…a year of unfathomable stress facing COVID adaptation, hardship, illness, loss, and grief, our pastors have gone above and beyond.  Trying to move forward during uncertain times, in uncharted waters, while attempting to buoy our church and our spirits is no small feat.

This Sunday and throughout the month of October, we want to recognize them for the amazing job they are doing and for the exceptional people they are.

Please join us as we send our love and a huge shout out to all three!
We appreciate you so.

We encourage you to let these tired, yet resilient servants of Christ, know that you appreciate them too. Send a card. Pass along an email. Bake their favorite treat. Get creative during the remainder of this month to let them know just how much we love and care for them.

Especially now, when their burdens during this unusual year are so heavy.

Thank you Sara, Justin, and Sally! Wesley truly appreciates your gifts and your love.

Happy Pastor Appreciation Month,

Cindy Lorimor & Judy Bute
Wesley Co-Lay Leaders

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