“The Walk” Study Opportunity

You know how our bodies get stiff and out of shape when we don’t exercise them regularly? The same can be true of our souls. Regular “exercise” and spiritual activity is important to keep us spiritually healthy and functioning. This winter, rather than settling for New Year’s Resolutions we don’t really intend to keep, we will journey together with Adam Hamilton (Senior Pastor of Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City) in the brand-new study, “The Walk: Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life.” Everyone is invited to participate in “The Walk” – from elementary school children, to older adults – and to renew and refresh their spiritual walk using five basic practices: Worship and Prayer, Study, Service, Giving, and Sharing. New and several existing small groups will take “The Walk” together, or you may choose to do this study alone. PICK UP YOUR COPY OF THIS TERRIFIC READ AT THE WELCOME CENTER FOR ONLY $10!

CLICK HERE to VIEW the class schedule and SIGN UP!


We’d also like to invite you to do some physical “walking” this winter, and to strengthen your body and soul at the same time. Maybe your small group would like to walk and talk together! We’ll meet every Tuesday and Thursday at NOON to enjoy a walk round the neighborhood (weather permitting) and exercise our bodies and our minds! Let’s get “in shape” together!

For more details, contact Kathi Pritts at kpritts@wesley-umc.com or call the office at 309.827.8046.

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