Dealing With Change? Let’s Talk!


Life is a mystery. At times, it’s unclear where to turn. Changes in our work or personal life can be unsettling, cause confusion or take a toll on self-worth. But, we have a choice. During times of trial come great opportunities for growth. Join Wesley’s United Methodist Women as they explore this topic with motivational speaker Kim Kaufman.

Kim Kaufman explains how to navigate uncertainty and identify opportunities for personal advancement. It’s always better to take the adventure…than stay on the sidelines. Kim will demonstrate how to find joy in the journey. Join Kim Kaufman and Wesley United Methodist Women for dinner and this inspirational program. All are welcome.

Tickets are on sale Sunday, September 16 and September 23 between services in the Wesley Garden Room.

Kim’s storytelling has been featured on CNN as well as CBS and FOX affiliates. Trained in media and corporate communications, she’s received recognition for her work from the Illinois Broadcaster’s Association, the YWCA, Association for Women in Communications, and the Public Relations Association. Her work has appeared in every area of broadcast media, including television, radio, magazines, newspapers, websites, and on the global TEDx Platform.

For more information about the UMW Dinner & Program contact Jenny Snyder at To learn more about Kim Kaufman go to



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